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Regardless of where you are in your journey to cloud, there are challenges that can slow your migration, increase cost, or even derail your adoption. With expertise across key areas such as cloud assessments, foundational deployments, application modernisation, migrations, and ongoing operation and management, IGXGlobal can help ensure you meet your business goals and leverage cloud to its fullest potential.

Our service offerings cover the five most critical areas of cloud adoption: education, assessment, automation/orchestration, architect/design/deploy, and ongoing optimisation and management.

Cloud Consulting Services
Cloud Consulting - Assessments


A clear understanding of your cloud compliance needs, estimated cloud costs, and application dependencies is crucial to planning and executing an efficient and timely migration to cloud. Our Multi-Cloud Feasibility and Multi-Cloud Readiness assessments help you gain the critical infrastructure, application, and cost information you need as foundation for your cloud journey.

Cloud Consulting - Automation & Orchestration

Automation and Orchestration

As organisations continue to look toward multi-cloud architectures to gain advantages on where and when they move and scale workloads, portability is an absolute requirement. Containerisation lends itself perfectly to this by allowing applications to be deployed across private and public clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure) in an automated and standardised fashion. Efforts to test, validate, and release have never been easier.

Our offerings include:

Cloud Consulting - Architect-Design-Deploy


To be successful in deploying and adopting cloud services in a multi-cloud paradigm (whether hybrid, cloud DR, or a private/public cloud architecture spanning multiple cloud providers), it is imperative to have a properly-designed public cloud architecture as well as the ability to address security, connectivity, and management from your data centre to the public cloud.

IGXGlobal architect and design services provide a true multi-cloud architecture. Our team of highly-skilled architects and engineers can provide a scalable, compliant, and secure design - helping you build your multi-cloud infrastructure and automate the deployment of your business applications to that infrastructure.

Cloud Consulting- Optimization & Management

Optimisation and Management

Already in the cloud? We can help you optimise your spend and compliance with our Public Cloud Cost Optimisation offering. Keeping cloud-based workloads compliant to your standards and regulatory requirements can be a difficult struggle. Handling bills and tracking spend across multiple cloud providers is an added challenge. Our cloud management platform service provides visibility to spend analytics and forecasts, unified billing, identification of optimisation opportunities, compliance checks, and enforcement across all your public cloud providers.

Cloud Consulting - Education


Education is often overlooked as a critical path to success for cloud adoption. Familiarity and understanding of concepts, capabilities, and constraints is imperative for all stakeholders and functions within your business to ensure timely and successful adoption and ROI of cloud services. Our trainings and workshops range from foundational understanding of cloud to technical deep dives around orchestration and automation, providing the guidance needed to make sound decisions on your cloud journey.

Our offerings include:

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