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Build In-House Expertise with AI Training

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning with neural networks, and other data-driven strategies improve business performance. But these tools deliver more value when on-boarding and education is led by expert trainers.

IGXGlobal provides group workshops, boot camps, troubleshooting sessions, and one-on-one courses for developers, data scientists, business analysts, and platform engineers. These one- to five-day engagements cover key challenges, core concepts, best practices, and strategies for building proficiency.

Subject matter varies but focuses on foundational knowledge and real-world applications. We deliver training virtually, at your site, or in designated facilities. We limit class sizes to maximise instructor and student interactions.

AI Training

Training to Build Proficiency and Self-Sufficiency

Mapping out a long-term strategy for training positions your organisation to gain more value from AI, ML, deep learning with neural networks, and emerging techniques such as neuroevolution. We offer practical training in using the Kubeflow platform and the Kubernetes containerised system to implement these strategies with greater speed and efficiency.

AI-ML-DL Training

Courses and Workshops to Operationalise AI

Maintaining a relationship with IGXGlobal enables you to operationalise AI faster. We offer industry-specific workshops in engagement, security, and process automation such as:

  • Introduction to AI/ML
  • Big Data for Better Business Outcomes
  • AI for Financial Services Workshop
  • AI for Life Sciences Workshop

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