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Data Science Consulting

What is our AI strategy? Where can AI have the greatest impact? How can AI help us accelerate development?

IGXGlobal data scientists and technology experts have the answers. We are experts in data integration and extract, transform, and load processes. We use these capabilities to design, deploy, test, and maintain artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models, frameworks, and data-optimised infrastructures. We also advise our clients on selecting AI Insights-as-a-Service models and API endpoints.

Data Science

Expertise to Deliver Insights More Quickly

We work with you to create pre-optimised infrastructures and models for specific industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, media and entertainment, retail, and security and defence. Our reference designs carefully balance the best capabilities of the cloud and on-premise resources.

We continue to work with you on identifying the best opportunities for leveraging the complete range of AI strategies. Engagements can include prototyping and model experimentation to ensure that your AI models are delivering the best predictive accuracy and fastest time to insights.

GPU Strategies

GPU Strategies to Get Better Faster

Interested in graphics processing units? We have practical strategies for using GPUs to accelerate the general computing workloads that drive business performance. With hundreds or thousands of specialised cores working in parallel, a simple GPU cluster (or even a single GPU) can improve the efficiency of database and analytics workflows at multiple junctures.

Organisations with modest budgets can add a GPU layer to their big data infrastructure, increase performance significantly, and deliver real-time actionable insights as part of an Internet of Things (IoT) or digital transformation strategy. The technology also provides resources for accelerating general computing workloads. For example, we can help you create GPU-accelerated software layers for optimising supply chains, forecasting consumer demand, and generating real-time recommendations.

Properly implemented, GPU acceleration provides an affordable way to make AI-enabled business workloads run faster.

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