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Enable AI in 5 Simple Steps

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning with neural networks are accelerating digital transformation. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts ongoing investment in AI-related use cases will increase spending to $57.6 billion by 2021.

AI is growing because it disrupts existing models, practices, and relationships. Organisations can deliver targeted marketing, optimise manufacturing processes, streamline customer interactions, improve healthcare outcomes, integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), and much more.

Expert Guidance to Build a Roadmap for Enablement

But AI is more than writing algorithms and updating infrastructure. Successful projects require a cross-functional effort to identify the best opportunities, the biggest gaps, and the most likely paths forward for implementing solutions that deliver value while staying within budget. While AI sounds complicated, IGXGlobal data scientists and solution experts have been able to condense the journey into a simple 5-step roadmap for success.

AI Enablement
Identify Use Cases

Step 1: Identify Use Cases

How can AI transform your organisation? To find the answer, we work with your domain experts, engineers, and business stakeholders to identify data-intensive business problems. Use cases allow us to identify the business processes that will deliver the most value when enhanced with AI technology.

Study Feasibility

Step 2: Study Feasibility

What is feasible? We explore your data, operations, and infrastructure and map our findings against the use cases. This step helps us identify risks or obstacles before you have to dedicate significant resources. For each use case, our report includes a go/no go recommendation.

Design AI Model

Step 3: Design the Model

How do we deliver AI? To create a roadmap, we validate compute, storage, and networking resources; define a lifecycle and library management strategy; identify needed integration services; and continue model training. This process enables us to design the best possible performance model based on available data, computation resources, and time constraints.

Deploy Model

Step 4: Deploy the Model

How can we minimise disruption? We follow a proven process for integrating AI into your existing operation.

Maintain Model

Step 5: Maintain the Model

We monitor and log the data from the deployed model over extended periods of time. If desired, we can provide ongoing support through our managed service centre. Managed services help you verify that your AI solution is available, compliant, and secure even inside extremely complex environments.

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