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Create Continuous Engagement with a Multichannel Contact Centre

Successful channel interactions can make or break your business. This situation is especially true in today’s contact centre environments where frontline agents are under immense pressure to work quickly while providing customers with a fast, friendly, and personalised experience.

IGXGlobal optimises contact centre operations by analysing how organisations interact with customers over different inbound and outbound channels. We then create a plan for using advanced contact centre components to replace or supplement legacy systems while lowering costs and increasing platform flexibility.

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Improve Multichannel Experiences to Increase Customer Loyalty Experiences

Legacy contact centre systems are difficult and expensive to manage, support, and evolve. For most organisations, cloud-based infrastructure provides a more affordable, scalable, and secure way to enrich customer interactions and accelerate digital transformation.

CCaaS is designed with platform integration in mind and often includes advanced features for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice and chat collaboration. Its greater agility allows you to leverage data, unify workflows, and automate routine tasks across voice, social, email, mobile, and chat channels.

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Create an Innovative Environment to Accelerate Growth

By optimising contact centre experiences, CCaaS allows you to understand the customer journey and drive it to higher growth. With the cloud, you can store and retrieve interactions, analyse data in real-time, and use these findings to boost agent productivity, improve first-contact resolution, and increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

We work with you to create a plan that addresses business needs while lowering overhead operating costs. This roadmap provides a proven engagement model for accelerating implementation, increasing return on investment, and mitigating risk.

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