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Finding Your Way in a DevOps World

Undergoing a DevOps transformation can introduce hurdles when initially making the change. These can include skillset gaps, process adaptation, modification of KPIs, and effective organisational governance challenges. But once you’ve cleared these potential roadblocks, DevOps allows you to align to your business outcomes to improve communication, reduce human error, strengthen teamwork, and establish a more agile and responsive overall approach to how you meet customer needs.

IGXGlobal provides a suite of offerings to assist you along your DevOps transformation, including container orchestration and automation, integration, CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code. Our education, workshop, and custom project-based services help your business reap the benefits of DevOps - if you are just dipping your toe in the DevOps waters or have a mature DevOps practice.

DevOps Container Orchestration and Automation

Container Orchestration and Automation

As organisations continue to look towards multi-cloud architectures to gain advantages on where and when they move and scale workloads, portability is an absolute requirement. Containerisation lends itself perfectly to this by allowing applications to be deployed across private and public clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure) in an automated and standardised fashion. Efforts to test, validate, and release have never been easier.

Our offerings include:

DevOps Integration


As development, test, and production environments continue to grow and incorporate a bevy of specialised tools, the need for platforms offering a single management interface becomes hyper critical. Whether the platform of choice be ServiceNow or JIRA, for example, open API integrations to existing tools and infrastructure ensure users can manage their environments and task effectively. Agile architectures that include flexible integration allow a path to reduce complexity and lessen interconnected dependencies. IGXGlobal offerings include custom evaluation, integration, and optimisation services.

DevOps Infrastructure as a Code (IAC)

Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

When following effective DevOps practices, the value of Infrastructure as Code (IAC) becomes evident - with the ability to manage infrastructure environments the way development manages code releases. Scaling with push button-based deployment allows for an accelerated means to gain a consistent, scheduled, tested, and version-controlled infrastructure. IGXGlobal offers custom IAC architecture services, tool implementation/integration, micro segmentation, and containerisation services.

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