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Data is a Critically Valuable Asset. How Are You Effectively Storing and Protecting It?

Storing and protecting your data requires a measured approach that considers many factors - carefully matching the requirements of your applications with the appropriate storage platform, tier of storage, storage data services, and cost for each workload. IGXGlobal is at the forefront of helping customers with data management, private cloud storage solutions, and custom hybrid cloud strategies, including:

  • Purpose-built storage platforms as a core component of converged infrastructure and differences with software-defined storage in hyper-converged infrastructure, helping you determine the best platform based on your needs

  • The latest next-gen innovations in NVMe and Storage Class Memory (SCM), identifying the workloads best suited to benefit from these technologies

  • Hybrid cloud data store solutions helping you bridge the gap between private and public clouds while maintaining tight control of the data

  • Identifying data management strategies that provide agility to your business application leaders, such as copy data management, snapshots, and cloud storage snapshot/tiering capabilities

  • The latest innovations in disaster recovery replication and automation solutions built into primary storage solutions, providing consistency and protection to other location(s) in the event of a site failure

  • Use cases for massively scalable file and object storage platforms in the private cloud, such as application data, media, log data, archive, long-term backup retention, and big data analytics

  • Secondary storage use cases for archive, data protection, and best ways to leverage data reduction technologies
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We work with industry-leading OEM partners as well as the latest emerging solutions to design and implement the best solution that meets your business demands:

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