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Put Next Generation Enterprise Networking on the Fast-Track

Enterprise IT departments are being challenged to create architectures that are more agile and secure. Implementing these next generation networks is critical for any organisation that wants to control operational expenses while leveraging emerging technologies. IGXGlobal works with you to define a practical roadmap for building a next generation network that aligns with stakeholder requirements and budgets. Each roadmap is tailored to provide a clear strategy for turning your infrastructure into a flexible tool for driving business performance.

Enterprise Networking
Enterprise Networking - Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance Keeps Projects on Track

IGXGlobal has decades of experience architecting solutions for enterprise networking. Knowledge, experience, and process-focused tools allow us to deliver agile, secure, and virtualised infrastructure more quickly and affordably. Our approach to next-generation networks includes validated designs for creating greater efficiency even as you implement resource-intensive solutions such as automation, collaboration, digital transformation, the internet of things (IoT), high-speed analytics, and mobility.

Enterprise Networking - Unlock Performance

Proven Process Unlocks Performance

Our objective is to create a network platform that streamlines operations while delivering a consistent experience across campus, branch, and wide area network environments. To meet this objective, our approach encompasses design, policy, provisioning, and assurance.

Accelerate Enterprise Networking

Efficient Design Accelerates Implementation

During design, we work with you to identify existing assets that can be reused or repurposed in your next-generation network. We focus on eliminating inefficient siloes, consolidating resources, and establishing backbones that support current and planned needs.

Effective Network Policy

Effective Policy Simplifies Network Management

To support your objectives, we define policies and standards for configuring and managing firewalls, intrusion-detection solutions, network segments, security appliances, and virtual instances. These controls simplify day-to-day network management while promoting security across assets and environments.

Automated Provisioning - Enterprise Networking

Automated Provisioning Increases Control and Efficiency

We further mitigate complexity by delivering automation for provisioning and controlling network assets. These technology and process improvements make it easier for an IT department to on-board and inventory devices and administer the network fabric. To also enhance resiliency, we work with you to segment the network by workload and workflow and to build image repositories for applications and data.

Promote Network Visibility

Assurance Tools Promote Visibility

With assurance tools and best practices, we give you access to actionable insights, end-to-end visibility, and streaming telemetry. These measures help you verify that your next generation network is available, compliant, and secure. Our approach to assurance provides continuous monitoring that keeps you aware of conditions even inside extremely complex environments.

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