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Services That Keep Traditional and Next Generation Networks Up and Running

Network architectures, workloads, and traffic patterns are changing. Managing traditional or next generation networking infrastructure increasingly requires more knowledge, expertise, and technology than many in-house IT departments can afford. IGXGlobal works with overextended organisations to provide the best combination of people, process, and tools for keeping network environments secure and available.

Our customer success managers consult with you to configure a service agreement that fits your infrastructure needs and budget. With outsourcing, you are able to move away from handling time-consuming tasks such as troubleshooting, network health monitoring, configuration, and provisioning.

IGXGlobal services also provide executive dashboards and IT Service Management (ITSM) automated workflows. Both tools enable you to work more efficiently and pursue goals such as optimising service delivery, personalising customer experiences, identifying opportunities for growth and innovation, and creating mechanisms for continuously improving outcomes.

Network Services
Network Health

Monitor Network Health

IGXGlobal Monitor provides 24x7x365 visibility into your network’s health. This monitoring conforms to Information Technology Infrastructure (ITIL) best practices, which is our primary framework for delivering consistently high-quality service.

Manage Network Incidents

Manage Network Incidents

IGXGlobal Manage includes monitoring but also includes managing your network to isolate and remediate incidents and move, add, and change levels of service.

Network Monitoring

Combine Network Monitoring and Management

IGXGlobal Maximise builds upon on our monitoring and management offers by adding even more tools and services for optimising network availability.

Network Maintenance

Deliver As-Needed Maintenance

IGXGlobal Enhanced Maintenance Support gives you direct access to manufacturer-certified technical experts. It also delivers additional analytics for determining how assets are being consumed, which allows you to make changes to further improve network reliability.

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