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Customised Payment Programs

All organisations are not created equal. Different sizes, structures, operations and budgets lead to different technology requirements. But the one thing almost all do have in common is the need to accelerate the amount of time it takes to realise value out of an investment. We are experts in how technology is consumed and offer custom payment options that take advantage of today’s converged and hybrid deployments. IGXGlobal enables payments aligned with your use of technology assets, including consumption-based programs and software payment programs that allow you to redeploy cash resources within your business.

  • International capabilities
  • Software subscriptions
  • Federal and SLED specialists
  • Non-IT asset collateral
  • Service contracts
  • Asset recovery services
  • Simple one-page fixed payment plans
  • PO financing
  • Extended payment terms
  • White label OEM programs
  • Consumption-based billing
  • Converged infrastructure VM-based billing
  • Traditional operating tax leases
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