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Driving Better Outcomes Through Expert Engineering and Less Complexity

Juniper solutions are engineered for simplicity. Built with an open architecture and utilising Junos - their single operating system for all products - Juniper Networks reduces complexity in your IT infrastructure while modernising networking - everything from routing and switching to security - with products, solutions, and services that transform the way you connect, work, and live.

Working together, IGXGlobal and Juniper engineer innovative solutions for your most challenging network needs. We remove traditional constraints and enable you to deliver automated, secure, and scalable networks that connect you with the world.

IGXGlobal is a Juniper Elite Partner. For over a decade, IGXGlobal and Juniper have worked together to engineer solutions that enable our customers to modernise their networks and leverage technology to deliver better business outcomes.



Keeping It Lazy

Keep your network running with IGX  & Juniper Networks so you can kick back and keep it lazy. Talk to us and find out how incredible AI-driven solutions provide faster problem resolution, leaving you with more time. PLUS you will help us support the sloth. Take a meeting with us and we will adopt a sloth to aid in protecting the species. Save time, money, put your feet up and give back to the environment!

Save time, money, and put your feet up!


Mist, a Juniper owned company, delivers a better way to address Wi-Fi challenges, visibility into end-user experience and/or overall simplicity. We have partnered with Mist Systems® to provide organisations of all types and sizes with unprecedented visibility into customer experience while providing exceptional Wi-Fi. You can learn more about the Mist Systems Learning WLAN platform here.

The Mist platform stands up to the most sophisticated WLAN solution – but is fast, affordable and easy-to-use. Mist has helped thousands of organisations get these key insights, starting on Day 0:

  • Automation and insight through AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • User visibility and Wi-Fi predictable, manageable service levels
  • Programmable cloud for DevOps agility
  • Scalable location services using virtual Bluetooth® LE

Ready to learn more? Explore the “LIVE” Demo and receive a free AP.

Extend The AI-Driven Enterprise To Home

The AI-Driven Enterprise Supports Business Continuity and Contact Tracing 

Transfer End-to-End User and IT Experiences

AI-Driven Network eBook

AWS-Cloud Storage

Artificial Intelligence

Today’s modern networks leverage the power of AI. Juniper, with its recent acquisition of Mist®, delivers an integrated solution that enables seamless access at the edge, offering a complete portfolio of enterprise grade network and security infrastructure and an AI-driven wireless solution to ensure a best in-class user experience. Get real-time monitoring at every end point, every minute.

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Looking for a better way to address Wi-Fi challenges, visibility into end-user experience and/or overall simplicity? We have partnered with Mist Systems® to provide organizations of all types and sizes with unprecedented visibility into customer experience while providing exceptional Wi-Fi. You can learn more about the Mist Systems Learning WLAN platform here. Ready to learn more? Explore the “LIVE” Demo and receive a free AP.

Mist Proximity Tracing Support Solution, a new Solution Brief is available for enterprise customers, who are entering the next phase of their business re-openings. Learn how Mist’s technologies support contact tracing & social distancing with these use cases; user journey mapping, proximity tracing, and hot zone alerts. See them in action.

Data Center+Multi-Cloud

Data Centre & Multi-Cloud

To excel in a multi-cloud world, you need a network that is fast, stable, and high-performing. Juniper is a leader in data centre networking, as noted by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Networking 2018. Their multicloud-ready solutions connect and protect the data centre, campus, branch, and public cloud with consistent policy and control across the network. Service Providers rely on Juniper, with 85% of them using Juniper for their critical networks.

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Analytics & Visibility

So much relies on your network. You need to isolate problems in real-time, so you can resolve them quickly. Analytics and visibility are critical. Using Juniper’s AppFormix™ solution, you can get end-to-end visibility into your multi-cloud environment - both physical and virtual - and use advanced analytics to maximise the effectiveness of your operations teams and to deliver exceptional network services.

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Security threats are everywhere. Protecting your network and data is critical in today’s hyper-connected world. By utilising Juniper Connected Security, IGXGlobal and Juniper help you detect and stop threats closer to the infection point and protect your business against cybercrime.

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When talking security………..see our most recent 3rd party findings! “Juniper is back. The company is reasserting itself in the data centre with a strong showing and should be on everyone's short list.”

For a copy of the NSS Labs’ Report, please see this reprint.

Juniper press release.

Blog post from Oliver Schuermann: “Juniper Networks Achieves Recommended Rating from NSS Labs for Data Centre Security Gateway”.

For a copy of the NSS Labs Data Centre Security Gateway Security Value Map, download here.

Landing page for customers to download our report results for lead generation.

Blog post from Samantha Madrid: "The Power of a Threat-Aware Network".

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