A Secure Perimeter Needs A Multi-Layered Approach

IGX Global understands that trying to defend the perimeter is a monumental task that encompasses many considerations, from firewalls to end points, networking, and web and email gateways. Through our key partnerships, IGX Global is uniquely positioned to help evaluate your perimeter defenses and provide deeper visibility into your network applications and users. Inspection and protection at this level are key elements to guard against persistent and evasive threats.

Why Choose IGX Global Security?

  • End-to-end security solutions
  • Protection against web and email intrusions
  • Key partnerships for a wide range of security solutions
  • Scalable security solutions for today and tomorrow
  • Highly-experienced CISOs and security engineers
Next Generation Network Security

Next Generation Network Security

IGX Global has the experience and partnerships to recommend the right solutions and provide up-front consulting and product evaluations. Our certified engineers will design a solution based on your unique needs, work with key partners to provide the appropriate products, and stay with you until you have the secure perimeter that you need.

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Network Admission Control

Network Segmentation and Admission Control

Network segmentation protects communications and resources on both inbound and outbound requests by grouping network assets, resources, and applications to provide visibility into traffic, users, and assets. IGX Global can also design and deploy network access control (NAC) solutions to bolster the security of a proprietary network by restricting the availability of network resources to endpoint devices that comply with a defined security policy.

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Advanced Endpoint Solutions

The perimeter of your security exposure continues to expand with the proliferation of end points (server, PC, and mobile devices). End points have become the new perimeter. IGX Global provides security controls that focus on the protection of end-user devices, providing a higher level of control and a strong foundation for your security architecture.


Advanced Web & Email Gateways

IGX Global can help protect your web applications from the growing number of application-layer attacks and prevent the loss of valuable corporate and customer data.  We work with leading application firewall and database security solution providers to identify a solution that scales to address your enterprise-wide deployment needs as well as performance requirements.

Network Architecture Solutions

Network Architecture Solutions

The cornerstone of any security technology architecture is the ability to govern network traffic. Exploits depend on some form of network transport for their delivery and propagation. As networks grow in size and complexity, secur...


Security Incident Event Management

Help safeguard your business by leveraging correlated insights from your existing security investments. Today’s security technology generates countless logs, events, and alerts. Using analyst mentality powered by machine learning ...


Anti-Malware Solutions

A multi-layered approach is needed to protect against hackers and other types of unauthorised access. IGX Global can help secure system vulnerabilities against cyber criminals who try to gain unauthorised access to your business a...

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