Keeping Security as Advanced as Technology

As technology changes, matures, and becomes more sophisticated, so must security. Whether in the cloud, on wearable devices, smart cars, or traditional devices, hackers are always on the attack. And your security measures must be able to keep pace. IGX Global provides security solutions that will detect threats faster, mitigate attacks more completely, and manage perimeter and data security better.

Key Benefits

  • Understand how IT security changes with technology
  • Protect against the latest vulnerabilities and attack techniques
  • Address the most recent malware and ransomware threats
Cloud Security

Cloud Security

IGX Global offers security solutions for traditional IT environments as well as in the cloud.  There are a number of security concerns associated with cloud computing. IGX Global can help ensure that your infrastructure is secure and that your clients’ data and applications are protected, whether in a private or hybrid cloud environment.

User Entity

User Entity and Behavior Analysis

As traditional defenses on the network become less effective, IGX Global has been able to provide security solutions to help recognise threats before they happen. We utilise behavior analytics to make it easier to identify internal security threats and find individual offenders. IGX Global looks at anomalies in activities and behaviors so that if a user identity is compromised, alarms will go off.


Security Interoperability & Orchestration

IGX Global understands that IT infrastructures today are complicated with servers, networks, personal devices, virtualisation, cloud, and a myriad of threats to them all. Each piece of IT security needs to be able to communicate with the other in an orchestrated manner in order to learn from each other and protect the entire infrastructure.



Virtualisation, cloud, and next-gen applications have empowered the data center while at the same time shifting network boundaries into a dynamic and virtual realm. Traditional security–based, on-purpose built hardware can help control traffic on ingress/egress, but is limited in its ability to inspect traffic moving laterally across application tiers. This lack of visibility coupled with dynamic workloads that are both transient in time and location create an opportunity for attackers. Microsegmentation in your private, public, or hybrid cloud can help apply policies based on function and workload to ensure consistency and complete visibility across your application environment. Our partners in microsegmentation are best of breed for application visibility and control, malware protection, and threat prevention. They have tailored their platforms to work with today’s leading virtualization and cloud platforms. 

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