Security from Perimeter to End Points

IGX Global understands the high costs and challenges of safeguarding today’s complex and rapidly changing IT environment. Leverage our architecture and design expertise in three critical security areas: Enterprise Security, Data Security, and Emerging Security.

Why Choose IGX Global?

  • Total security solutions from perimeter to end points 
  • Key partnerships and best-of-breed technologies for a complete security solution
  • Keen understanding of today’s private, hybrid, virtualised, and cloud-based technologies
  • Scalability security solutions for today and tomorrow
  • Highly-skilled team of CISOs and security engineers
Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

Protect the perimeter: next generation firewalls, end point solutions, web and email gateways, anti-malware solutions, network segmentation and admission control, web and email gateways, network architecture, and security incident...

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Data Security

Includes identity and access management, data encryption, data loss prevention, privilege user and data management, and security analytics

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Emerging Security

As technology changes, matures and becomes more sophisticated, so must security. Whether in the cloud, on wearable devices, smart cars, or traditional devices, hackers are always on the attack and the business’ security must be a...

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